PE Rack case 20" Depth 8U

Item No.: PE-8UL
PE Rack case 20" Depth 8U
Front and Rear Steel Rack Rails
Recessed Steel Twist Latches
Front and Rear Gasket Covers
Lightweight Polyethylene Construction
Threaded, Field Replaceable 7mm Zinc-Plated Steel Rack Rails
Front & Rear Rack Rails
PE Rack case 20" Depth 8U

Model: PE-8UL
Lightweight Polyethylene Construction 
Threaded, Field Replaceable 7 mm Zinc-Plated Steel Rack Rails 
Front & Rear Rack Rails 
Heavy-duty twist latches 
Comfortable recessed side handles 
20" rackable depth
The PE rack cases are made from an extremely tough polyethylene these cases are  crush resistant and virtually indestructible. This rugged case features a sealed ring, which makes it Airtight and  Watertight. This state-of-the-art airline-friendly case is a lightweight design that protects your gear like a hard case.